Friday, June 21, 2019

Folly of Christianity at First Glance

I can sympathize with the feelings of those who have grown up in churches and forced through some of the senseless routine required and propagated. I can also sympathize with the feelings of all the onlookers of it — that is, usage of “Holy Water”, “Hail Mary” and “Our Father” prayers, dressing a certain way, “resting on Sunday” as a requirement, giving a minimum of 10% of income to the organization attended, riding a bike dressed up in a suit, going door to door preaching to people as a requirement to be accepted by some organization, all the superficial smiles and handshakes given by elitists attending the churches, and odd rituals. Then, of course, we’ve got all the junk on TV, including “faith healers”, inspirational speakers (business women and men posing as Christians, out to make a buck) whose listeners are thousands. I can go on and on with the description of the superficial money-making nonsense. The superficial image of Christianity appears to be one of the biggest money-making scams of all time, requiring difficult mental gymnastics to navigate. Furthermore, there are now liberal and progressive organizations who consider themselves churches — ignoring many parts of the bible and interpreting it for their own selfish ends which only dumps gasoline onto the fire of confusion.

The aforementioned description is the first impression of Christianity that many have. It was also my first impression. But what if I said true Christianity is not about any of the senseless aforementioned routine and rituals? The reality is the only thing that makes somebody a Christian is acceptance of Jesus Christ as an atonement for sins which cannot be earned or lost once received. Beyond that, the rest of it is between God and the individual which unfolds depending on the personal walk with God in this world.

The end point of many who are appalled by the current mainstream image of Christianity is scoffing. Scoffers are those who actively mock and ridicule those who do not believe as they do. Though I can understand although not justify that much of the scoffing is based on the senseless superficial image of mainstream Christianity, the Bible has things to say about scoffers who mock and ridicule true believers in Christ. In 2nd Peter 2:2, Peter talks about false teachers who will cause real Christians to be slandered. In other words, because of the false teachings and conduct of fake Christians, true Christians will be thrown into the same pool with them by and slandered… “And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed..” Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with attending organizations where one can have fellowship with Christians although there is no requirement to have fellowship in this specific way only — there are plenty of ways to get together with other Christians. Just be aware of the things mentioned and read the bible because pastors/preachers are not immune to mistakes, or outright lying. Ask God for the truth regarding the correct interpretation of scripture. Also, note the parable of the Wheat and Tares which in summary reveals that there are indeed false (“apostate”) Christians in the world along with true Christians.